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What I’d Love to See in Black Ops 2 Zombies Mode

Black Ops 2 Zombies

The Zombies mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops was arguably the pinnacle of what made the game so great. It was undeniably a step-up from Nazi Zombies, Treyarch’s popular game mode that starred in their previous installment, Call of Duty: World at War.

Fans would buy and play Black Ops solely for its Zombies mode, as it had tons to offer. Larger maps, new enemies, and unique perks made the zombie-killing experience last for hours. There’s no question that if there Black Ops 2 is to be released this year, the Zombies mode will make a return. This time around it’s going to be bigger, and better than ever. Here’s what I’d like to personally see in it:

Boss Rounds
I started to get bored during the later rounds in a Black Ops zombie mode. I usually followed a routine, running around the same area for hours, blasting off zombies’ heads. At times, this became so tedious that I’d just quit the game because I doubted I’d ever die. I think Treyarch should throw in some boss rounds in Black Ops zombies – and I’m not talking about fighting dogs with glowing eyes or tiny monkeys. I’m talking about badass, one-enemy boss rounds. If anything, George in Call of the Dead felt like a boss that I enjoyed killing.

More Than 4 Players
This could be exciting. Imagine playing Black Ops zombies with more than 3 people cooperatively. 6-player co-op or even 8-player co-op is something I’d definitely have fun with.

More Unique Zombie Types
There were only a few different types of zombies, and it wasn’t difficult to get to the rounds where they appeared. Throw in more unique types of zombies, and fans will never get bored.

The Ability to Drop Weapons
Yes, this is something I’ve always wanted to do. Trading weapons with other players or giving newbie players your weapon will make the game more cooperative so that not everybody just fends off for themselves.

So what do you think? Agree or disagree? Leave your comments below.

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7 Responses to “What I’d Love to See in Black Ops 2 Zombies Mode”

  • Zombie assasin says:

    This seems very cool. Another thing i would like to see is,

    1. Pack a punch the ballistic knives
    2. new guns like the FAD or cool new stuff like the ray gun or WW
    3.the map from call of duty 2, where you blow up the nazi house. maybe be able to go up stars like you couldnt in cod 2.
    4. im wondering if there going to Keep the storyline going, or make a new story line. i would like to see a American Bad ass character.

    I love your ideas!

  • allen says:

    i think that zombies should have more of a varitey of weapons and u shld be able to pack-a-punch a gun more than once the trading would be pretty cool

  • Frankie says:

    I want to see maybe a boss round or two but mainly I think there should an ammo box AND I would like to see a perk up grader and hacker on a map that wont kill you when you pick it up.

  • Yasephs says:

    Or they could incorporate things from spec ops survival like the ability to get turrets, riot squads and air strikes etc.. How fulfilling would it be to watch 20 zombie bodies go flying through the air from a nicely placed predator? Yea exactly, do it treyarch!

  • Bob says:

    how about pack-a-pack-a-punch? upgrade your upgraded weapons, though it would cost 10,000
    also, a new zombies map, called,“treyarch attack” a badass map containing treyarch project workers as zombies, some of the important creators of treyarch, and the main director. also if dempsy, nikolai, takeo, and maybe richtofen, or samantha in richtofen’s body, come back. only an anoying british guy to play as. no offense to british dudes and british dudets. so maybe if the british guy, maybe called Ron, would talk about his past, so dempsy interupts and says. “Hey british dude, ever heard of SHUTING THE HELL UP?!” nikolai “Maybe if I drink enough, he will look like big vodka bottle.” takeo “there is honor in the team, but no honor in yourself young companion.” and richtofen “CAN I BLOW HIS HEAD OFF?! AHAHAHAHA! But no sherioushly, can I? PLEASE?!” samantha “as a used to be a little girl, you are not that funny. bye bye!” then Ron will say “Okay sheesh.” maybe even past alex mason would be a new character. those are my ideas, sorry about it being annoying. bye!

  • Oliver says:

    as far as this is from actually happening i really want to see an opportunity in which we can design our own zombie map. Or even create their our Zombie video game with every map and such plus more. Yasephs idea is great but honestly they will have it. im guessing but its like a highly educated guess. lets be honest if they are creating zomz again then they have to add more. it wont be exactly how you made it sound but its probably going to be more trap like. Gear of war 3 had object some what like that in their horde mode and Gears is one of their big competitors. so im sure they will compete against that

  • FrozenMagic says:

    1)The Most Important Thing That I Want Is AK47 In Zombies Mode

    2)With Big Zombies Map Packs

    3)Pack A Punch As Zombie assasin Said

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